Art Lab is an intensive, week-long ‘open studio’ for Art and Design practitioner-researchers who integrate new technological advancements into their work or are interested in how creative technologies can impact on their current art and design practice – however all-embracing that may be.


Art Lab aims to create a space, focus and framework in which participants can share work, realise new technological possibilities, be inspired, challenged and stretched, develop new ideas and build collaborative creative relationships with others.

Art Lab participants will be exploring new forms and approaches to contemporary Art & Design practice. With people equally of a strong conceptual sensibility as those with developed technical ability – overall we hope to convene a group with a wide range of outlooks, perspectives and skills. Most of all we’re trying to help people with ideas in need of input from others to help them be realised.

Through the Art Lab, participants will share and work alongside each other, developing personal artistic projects that engage with creative technologies. We’re not expecting to create polished new work through the Art Lab week, but we do we see it as a significant stepping-stone towards realising new works in the weeks that follow – stimulated by the public showcase opportunity offered through the Manchester School of Art official A&D New Building Launch event on October 17th 2013. So we’re particularly keen to support site-specific projects that respond to the building and engage sensitively but in unexpected ways with the architectural space.

Art Lab aims to encourage new artistic experiments and develop participants skills in an alternative, direct and useful way. It also aims to build an open network of creative practitioners who are interested in exposing new audiences to engaging and accessible contemporary Art & Design practice and research that engages with creative technologies.

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