Nick Rothwell – Proposal

Rather than a project proposal, I want to propose a process: the creative application of modern, expressive high-level programming languages to the the making of artworks.

I’ve spent several years making software-based media art (in sound, in visuals and physically), and in all cases one of the most interesting aspects has been the choice of programming language, and how the different software structures supported by different languages manifest themselves in the final work. There’s a big difference between (say) writing a game engine in a low-level language like C, versus writing in a higher-order functional language like Clojure, and the ability to live-code an artwork in Clojure or Python (using a platform like Field, Overtone, Quil and others) results in a different kind of work to one which is preprogrammed and built in a slower iterative process.

As the years go by I become surrounded by more and more affordable, software-addressable physical controllers: keyboards, grid devices, Arduino-based constructions, DMX hardware. I’m interested in a goal-less exploration of programming language techniques and structures as manifested on physical devices, and ways in which high-level coding patterns enable us to create multimedia experiences which would be difficult, or impossible, in more conventional ways.

Aside: this proposal reflects my role as mentor, since I’m happy to be involved in helping other attendees to realise their creative ideas in such ways as might involve coding, or even to introduce new language and programming techniques as a spark to new ways of thinking about creating work.

Nick Rothwell1


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