Jaygo Boom – Proposal

My starting point is the idea of the ‘eternal culture’ (i.e. the theories of Vilém Flusser, design fictions of a future in which new networks of communication fundamentally alter human existence) I am interested in how this contrasts with the ancient idea of an implicit rhythm laid down by nature that entered the human cosmos on every level, reflected in the art, the poetry, the culture building and the language of civilization. Throughout the week I will be playfully investigating these boundaries through digital and public engagement, exploring how to humanize digital encounters and make them more familiar, understandable and regain this sense of lost natural rhythm.

This enquiry leads on from past projects including, a web enabled breakfast bar controlled by two farmyard chickens sixty miles away (worldwidewegg). http://bit.ly/144ClSj An AR app (Bombaze) http://bit.ly/14PujiT A paradox in that it questions if there is any relevance to incorporating the virtual within public space anyway? BLINK a new project which humanizes the online browsing experience – http://owenmelbz.github.io/POJ/

Ideas to develop via programming during the open studio will be BLINK – To make it more functional. INTERNET SHAKE – An app you have to shake to get a brighter, bigger, better picture, making you have to work for your personal satisfaction.

My skills with app development are small, although I am skilled in actionscript, maxmsp, some arduino and some QTZ.


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