Daksha Patel – Proposal

Noise and Signal

This project evolved out of my experience of taking part in an EEG study, and the questions it raised about the relationship between ‘noise’ and ‘signal’ in medical studies. ‘Noise’ in scientiCic studies, is understood as variation or interference in data, and if often caused by movement.

The project will involve experimenting with biosensors such as EEG, pulse and muscle sensors and designing systems to visualise and project live data from sensor signals upon a surface on which I will draw. A biofeedback loop will be designed into the programme, creating ‘noise’ in the system, and enabling me to visualise the noise as well as the signal.

I’m interested in the fact that science is a knowledge producing process but also an image producing process. Images are important resources in the public evaluation and popularisation of science. If ‘noise’ is Ciltered out of scientiCic imagery and the public ‘imaginary’ – or if biomedical images are understood as noise free and Cixed – is it essential that ‘other’ representations exist, one’s which include the ‘noise’ alongside the ‘signal’? What role can drawing play in repositioning this ‘imaginary’?

Daksha Patel


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