Gemma Latham – Proposal

As a selected project with the Talent Incubation Network with Designing our Futures, I have recently been carrying out research at the Whitworth Art Gallery using items in the textiles archive as inspiration for developing participatory activities. The aim of the project has been to observe experiences of flow during participation focusing on peripheral audiences.

A series of point papers, which would have originally been converted into punch cards to control jacquard looms for weaving, became the focus of my research. From them I developed a participatory activity that invited the public to punch a pattern onto paper strips. These strips were then built up, row by row, to reveal the fuller image over the course of a weekend.

I often use digital technologies in the production of my work and I am intrigued by the similarity between the laser and the loom, with pattern built up row by row when etching as it is when weaving. I wish to explore if weaving patterns and the ‘code’ held within them could be used to control the laser either directly or through the production of vector graphics for etching.

Through Art Lab I would hope to meet coders whom I could work with to begin to explore the possibilities in this area.

Gema LAtham2


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