Derek Trillo – Proposal

The Flow of Life

My research concerns the representation of the built environment in architectural photography. My practice aims to produce an alternative to conventional architectural photography, showing presence and movement within and around buildings.

Conventional architectural photography is almost exclusively concerned with the form of buildings, preserved at their completion, in isolation from their context. By capturing presence and movement accumulated over a period of time clues to the function of constructed spaces can be revealed. It is intended that the resultant images will be of value for research within the architectural design process.

To inform and support my practice, my research investigates the following issues:

  • Depictions of temporality in still photography.
  • How can ‘still’ photography cross the indistinct boundary between still and moving images, including the perception of movement in still images.
  • The evidential value of images constructed over time and the viewer’s perception of their validity.
  • The notion that record photography (e.g. within the fields of architecture, museums and archaeology) is a simple record, produced without interpretation or creativity from the photographer.
  • I plan to originate photographs during the Art Lab week, work on their post-production, producing completed images captured during the week.
  • I am interested in networking with other researchers who address similar debates in photography, as well as artists whose practice aims to inform the design process of the built environment.

Derek Trillo 3


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