art lab

David Ogle – Proposal


Much of my current practice is heavily influenced by the site in which it is constructed – the completed works altering an environment’s navigation by a viewer whilst calling attention to specific architectural features that have shaped the work’s development.

To extend this, I propose to utilise technologies in order to produce works that are dynamic and re- sponsive to a viewer’s movements around a space. By tracking these movements in various ways the works can come to adapt to a viewer’s presence just as they adapt to the space – a reciprocal rela- tionship being formed between audience, environment and installation.

The strict geometry and luminosity of my light-based works reference virtual objects and allowing us- ers to directly interface with these in real-time and real-space would further this tension between the virtual and the actual.

My current PhD research examines a changing relationship to site amidst the advancement of new technologies and the increasing overlap between digital and physical space. The value placed upon the digital object and the changing perception of materiality that this encourages is also central and I feel that this project would allow creative reflection upon many of these themes.

Fluorescent fishing line, ultraviolet light, weather balloon. year: 2013. Waterloo Tunnels, London.