David Jackson – Proposal

Devising a suitable format for telling digital stories

As a creative developer focused on the ways in which digital affordances can transform the writing process, I’m interested in the issues surrounding performance of digital written works. A normal paper-based reading to an audience, though not perfectly replicating the experience of reading from paper, can successfully render a version of the work when read out. However, the characteristics common to digital texts – multi-author, multimedia, and indeed multi-linear elements – create a divergent form not always suitable for linear delivery. I would like to investigate other ways of performing this writing over the week, considering digital and performance-based ideas in an attempt to see if digital texts can be better translated into performances. I want to explore how performers might interpret text, and how audience experience can be augmented by adding digital elements. The findings of this work will feed into a small work commissioned for the opening event of the Manchester Art School Art and Design Building.


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